Truvy’s FOCUS

FOCUS is a fun filled and rewarding business building trip to Truvy’s corporate headquarters located in Utah! This 2-day event is awarded to all new 2 Star rank advancements within Truvy.

At this rank, you have built a sufficient business within Truvy! We are more than excited to invite you to our headquarters in Draper, UT. Here you will get acquainted with our corporate staff, executives, and owners while participating in trainings, experiencing a fun offsite activity, and touring our innovative warehouse!

Qualification and Trip details:

  • Achieve 2 Star rank for the first time and you are invited to FOCUS
  • Qualifier and one guest (significant other) invited.
  • Hit your new 2 Star rank for a consecutive two months and receive on $200 flight credit.
  • All meals and lodging to be provided by Truvy.
  • Transportation from airport to office and activities provided by Truvy.
  • Guests will fly in Thursday afternoon, May 19th and depart Saturday morning, May 21st.